Oh Oh, The Carter USM Page Is Broken

You can still go to the Carter Merch Store though. Just click HERE

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By the way, Carter split up in 1997 although we did do some reunion gigs in the 20's. We do not plan on doing any more.

If you want to get a Carter hit though, you should go and see Jim Bob on his tour in November as I'm sure he will be paying some songs you will recognise.
He also has a new album out. You should check that out. It's called WHO DO WE HATE TODAY and is on Cherry Red records.

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I have had my band ABDOUJAPAROV for almost 23 years now and we are still making records and playing gigs.
Our new album Race Home Grow Love is released on September 17th 2021.

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I will fix this properly one day, but I kinda like the 90's style.

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